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Consumer Rights & Info

The Power of Satellite Television

Power of satellite TV in a homeSatellite television, interactive content and high speed satellite internet have long been extremely popular home and multiple unit alternatives. The satellite customer understands that they are providing their household or tenants/guests with the highest quality digital entertainment available. 

The biggest challenge to equal competition in the multi-channel digital industry is that the cable companies have been able to create an extremely successful lobby and advertising campaign to promote an unfair view of satellite entertainment. This powerful lobby has been able to push through many unfair legislative burdens to the multi-channel customer who prefers satellite. These challenges to the satellite industry include unfair satellite taxes & zoning regulations as well as illegal restrictions on customer dish placement and over-burdensome professional installer requirements.

Your Right to Satellite

These pages have been created to provide the consumer with information about existing laws that protect their right to enjoy satellite service. It explains milestone satellite customer legislation such as important Over the Air Reception Device (OTARD) protection and vital FCC rulings in favor of fair competition.