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Satellite vs. Cable

Making the Right Choice Requires ALL the Information

Satellite TV offers a distinct technological advantage over cable TV systems: cable operations are essentially satellite operations in that cable networks receive their programming via satellite but then re-transmit the signals through the cable companies' trunk lines, which degrade the audio and video signals to a greater or lesser degree on the way to the customer’s home. Satellite TV, on the other hand, eliminates the intervening wiring and provides a direct link from the satellite to the customer’s antenna in a 100% digital video and audio feed.

Dollar for Dollar Satellite is the Better Choice

Satellite television offers different tiers of programming that are priced the same anywhere in the country.  Cable rates differ widely from market to market.  If you compare the number of channels available on satellite television (even in the basic tiers) to the number of channels offered by cable (even digital cable), satellite is clearly the better buy.  Cable will argue that you have to purchase equipment with satellite, however, both DIRECTV and DISH Network offer deals that provide low-cost and sometimes even free equipment and installation.  In addition, both offer leasing arrangements.  Furthermore, with cable, even digital cable, you pay a monthly rental fee for the set-top box that receives your signal.  Over a short period of time, the purchase of a satellite system pays for itself.