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Resource Directory 3

Many of the online directories focus towards one market segment or audience profile. Here, we target the "best in class" for each of the served markets by industry leaders in their respective fields. Find a web directory that you feel is most relevant to the content of your site, or that attracts a customer demographic you wish to reach. Provide a title and URL and submit to this directory.

Real Estate and Home Improvement

A real estate related sites and services directory, related articles and real estate directories list. This category also includes a comprehensive home improvement directory related to home decor and home improvement resources and information. Remodeling, real estate brokers, and property management firms are located here.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Home Sales



Retail Directory businesses and Retail Directory companies. View the B2B Directory Guide business directory and find a complete listing of companies by restaurants, travel and lodging, clothing, publishing, sports and health, and gifts and arts.

Restaurants, Travel & Lodging

Sports and Health


Gifts and Arts



Search Engines

A leading business search engine and business directory designed to help its users find the companies, products, services, and information they need to make the right business decisions.









In order of popularity:

  • Dogpile
    Dogpile fetches and ranks results from multiple search engines, letting you search for key words, pictures, audio, video, news, or phone numbers from a single page. Filter results by language, date, or domain.
  • MetaCrawler
    Search service that relies on the databases of other search engines.
  • CNET
    Searches dozens of leading search engines to bring you the best results.
  • Mamma
    Mother of all search engines.
  • Ixquick Metasearch
    Forwards searches to a user selected list of top search engines. Ranks results based on number of occurrences in queried engines.
  • ProFusion
    Search engine powered by Intelliseek.
  • Vivísimo
    Offers organized search results with document clustering. Makers of the Clusty search engine.
  • Highway 61 MetaCrawler
  • Surfwax
    Meta-search engine that helps focus searches and provides real-time page summaries.
  • IceRocket
    Offers a metasearch search engine with thumbnail site previews and specialized tools for searching news, images, products, and more.
  • Clusty
    Clustering engine that allows users to narrow down searches to things like images, shopping, gossip, and news.
  • Metafind
    Searches through all the large search engines and collates results.
  • Debriefing
    Available in English and French.
  • Langenberg
  • Multimeta
    Simultaneous meta search in the top search engines. Features URL submission service, URL ranker, and meta tag generator.
  • SearchBug
  • Findspot
    An Internet searching gateway designed to assist users in creating searches that retrieve a manageable list of useful results.
  • Web Search Engine
  • MetaGopher
    Multi-engine search tool.
  • Webtaxi
    Provides a single interface for both parallel and nonparallel methods of searching multiple sites.



In order of popularity:

  • Veoda Metasearch
    Combines search results for web pages, images, audio, groups, FTP sites, and news from a variety of popular search engines.
  • Geniusfind
    Directory that categorizes topic-specific search engines and databases on the web.
  • Proteus
    Javascript-enhanced all-in-one search engine.
    Links pointing to your web site to improve your search engine rankings.
  • supercrawler
    Combines the results of several search engines.
  • ZapMeta
    Simultaneous search of multiple search engines from one interface.
  • Search All in One MetaSearch
    Meta search engine which displays search results from multiple search engines, organized by relevancy.
  • Query Server
    Meta search tool that searches a set of Web-enabled search engines and returns a single merged, ranked, and conceptually clustered list.
  • myGO
    A meta search engine and start page to the Web.
  • OneSearch
    Searches up to 15 search engines.
  • RedeSearch
    Searches many of the largest search engines and directories at once using key words.
  • Family Friendly Search
    Searches several kids-safe sites at the same time.
  • Bigall Search
    Searches leading search engines and includes results from its own content pages.
    Aims to make web searching and navigation simpler by using 'remote control' style buttons.
  • Spire Project Light
    Unified search engine search with syntax translation, forms to news resources, and more.
  • VROOSH !
    Provides multilingual meta searches for specific countries or materials.
  • Argus Music Searcher
    Multisearch generator that uses artist names and/or album titles to return results from the web and usenet. Most major commercial search services are used.
    Assists in finding web sites, MP3, news headlines, people, and more.


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SBCA members can offer a directv hd receiver.By law, between April 16 and June 12, all full-power television stations will turn off their analog signals and begin broadcasting exclusively in the digital format. The switch to digital television, known as the Digital Television (DTV) transition, will affect more than 34 million households nationwide that receive over-the-air broadcast signals.

Digital is a more efficient way to broadcast, it will allow viewers to enjoy improved picture and sound quality, and it will free up the airwaves for variety of other important services, including public safety and advanced wireless technology.

To continue receiving television signals, households affected by the DTV transition will need to subscribe to a multiplatform service (satellite or digital cable), purchase a new digital television or purchase and install a converter box which will convert the digital signal into analog, making it viewable on an analog television set.

Through the federal government’s TV Converter Coupon Program, all U.S. households can apply for up to two $40 coupons.  These coupons can be used toward the purchase of coupon-eligible converter boxes at participating retailers nationwide.

The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has established an online database to refer potential consumers to retailers who are participating in the TV Converter Coupon Program at

The DTV transition thereby offers a great opportunity for retailers to engage the roughly 17.8% of broadcast-only households and commercial establishments that will require assistance, drive customer traffic through their doors and increase sales through customers wishing to upgrade their non-digital television sets or subscribe to satellite or digital cable.

Many national retailers have already signed up for this program.  However, since many potential customers are from rural or ethnic communities, there is substantial opportunity for independent retailers to benefit as well.

To become a certified retailer for the TV Converter Box Coupon Program and take advantage of this potential opportunity, interested businesses must submit their application by Monday, March 31, 2008.  To certify, each retailer, must follow these four easy steps:

  • Obtain a D-U-N-S number at or (866) 705-5711.  A D-U-N-S Number is a unique, nine-digit sequence recognized as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of over 100 million businesses worldwide.  
  • Obtain from the Unites States Department of Labor at the Occupational Safety & Health Administration a North American Industry and Classification System (NAICS) at and Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code at
  • Register the business to be eligible for reimbursement with the Central Contractor Register at and input your D-U-N-S number, SIC code and bank information.
  • Register your business with NTIA at and input your store name and information and D-U-N-S number.  NTIA takes roughly two weeks to process and verify information.

Remember, in order to certify and be listed as an authorized TV Convertor Box Coupon Box Program retailer, you must sign up no later than Monday, March 31, 2008. 

For more information on the DTV transition or the retailer certification process, please contact our staff at or (202) 349-3640, or the TV Converter Box Coupon Program Retailer Support Center at (866) 296-1107