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Government Affairs Committees

Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee

The age of global television.The Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the SBCA's efforts on state and local legislative and regulatory issues that affect our members and our industry. The Advisory Committee consists of key individuals from member companies, providing the Advisory Committee with the insight and experience to assist the Regulatory Affairs Department on identifying emerging trends and issues within the satellite industry. The Advisory Committee also evaluates and recommends strategies and plans to best effectuate the SBCA's public policy agenda.

Licensing Subcommittee

The Licensing Subcommittee meets on a regular basis to evaluate and implement strategies to protect the interests of the satellite industry on the state and local level. This includes lobbying for fair licensing legislation and regulation, working with state governments to implement fair testing and certification processes, and analyzing current trends to best effectuate positive change for the satellite industry. The Licensing Subcommittee is comprised of key members of the satellite television and internet industry, including members from the platforms and distributors.

Electrical Safety Subcommittee

The Electric Safety Subcommittee works to evaluate and promote safe practices within the satellite industry, and to make these practices the industry standard. The Electric Safety Subcommittee also seeks to advance the exposure of its members and industry within the National Fire Protection Association, with the goal of educating the NFPA and other interested parties on practices of the satellite industry, as well as making positive changes to the National Electric Code.

OTARD Subcommittee

The OTARD Subcommittee evaluates and implements strategies to increase the monitoring and enforcement of the Over-the-Air Reception Devices rule. Made up of SBCA members with specialized legal experience, the OTARD Subcommittee works to maintain consistent communication with the Federal Communications Commission, and analyzes trends in this sector to develop methods for greater enforcement to better protect the rights of both viewers and installers to install satellite television and internet.