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Public Policy and Outreach

With our united industry voice, the SBCA is an effective tool for educating state and local policy makers, governmental agencies and homeowners associations.

  • We fight unfair satellite taxes
  • We promote fair licensing legislation
  • We provide OTARD education and awareness
  • We help fight unlawful satellite access restrictions

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The Issue

The cable lobby has a powerful presence in every state and spends millions of dollars each year to establish their claim that franchise fees are essentially taxes. They then use this as a basis to promote legislative proposals to harm their satellite industry competitors.  Without our opposing voice, lawmakers will often act on this erroneous information to create unfair satellite taxes, zoning regulations and licensing requirements. We cannot abandon the field to cable. We need to engage in order to protect our industry.

As part of their franchise agreements, cable companies are frequently exempt from the same licensing requirements that impact the satellite industry. We must fight for a licensing regime favorable to our industry.

The public and lawmakers alike have a limited understanding of the consumer’s right to home satellite services; strengthening our education efforts with legislators, regulators and local governments are vital to the protection and growth of the satellite industry.

The Solution - Legislators want to hear from voters!

As local satellite professionals, we need you to be the industry’s eyes and ears on the ground as we are often the first to hear about an issue before it rises to a critical level. Local businesses are important stakeholders in the legislative process as they are made up of voters who are a significant source of jobs and tax revenues.

The satellite industry is a major presence in the pay television market. We can no longer run under the radar. We are being targeted by our competitors and being viewed as a source of tax revenue by state governments.  We need your help to take the offensive to advocate our position to sustain satellite industry growth.