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SBCA Launches Update Licensing Database for Satellite Installers

Washington, D.C., October 4, 2006 --The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) is excited to announce the launch of the newly streamlined and overhauled licensing database.

The changes were made to create a more comprehensive source of information on state and local licensing requirements for satellite installers as well as remove outdated and unnecessary information.

“One of the challenges our industry faces is that licensing requirements can be confusing. With no central point for SBCA members to reference, we decided that such a database would provide a single point of contact for licensing issues,” explained Tom O’Brien, Chairman of the SBCA’s Licensing Subcommittee.

One of the new functions of the database is a feedback form, created to increase the grassroots involvement of the SBCA.  For example, the feedback form will allow SBCA members to alert the SBCA of any changes to state and local licensing requirements as well as to communicate any problems they are having with state and local regulations.

“The database will streamline the channels of communication between our members and the SBCA and will allow us to better assist them with any regulatory challenges,” said Noah Cuttler, SBCA’s State Regulatory Affairs Liaison.  “We want to help our members understand their rights as installers.  The feedback form is a proactive step in giving our members the tools they need so that we can better assist them.”

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