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ALEXANDRIA, VA, MAY 21, 1999 – The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) commended the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees for their work in achieving yesterday’s passage of S. 247, the Satellite Home Viewers Improvement Act, which was amended to include the provisions of S. 303.

SBCA President Chuck Hewitt said, "We’re pleased by the passage of this important satellite legislation and we commend Senators Hatch and McCain for their leadership, as well as all of the Senators and staff members who worked so hard to make this legislation possible. The recent bills passed by both the House and Senate contain elements that could ensure satellite consumers equal access to both local and distant network signals. The satellite industry will continue efforts during the next few weeks to ensure that these pro-consumer elements are retained and expanded as the bills move into conference, and that any elements detrimental to the consumer or to competition in the marketplace are removed."

The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association of America (SBCA) is the national trade organization representing all segments of the home satellite industry. It is committed to expanding the utilization of satellite technology for the broadcast delivery of entertainment, news, information and educational programming. The SBCA is composed of DBS service providers, programmers, equipment manufacturers, distributors, retailers, encryption vendors, and national and regional distribution companies.