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SBCA and SIA Applaud FCC for Satellite Focused Day

Alexandria, Va., Sept. 9, 2004 – The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) and Satellite Industry Association (SIA) today commended the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its annual report on the satellite industry. This is the second year the International Bureau has reported on the status and growth of the satellite industry.
The State of the Satellite Industry Report recognizes the critical role satellites play in our economy, our national and homeland security, and in the work and play of many Americans.
“Over 23 million Americans rely on satellite services for their television news and entertainment. Over 3 million Americans now enjoy the benefits of satellite radio – a service that has been available less than three years,” said Richard DalBello, president SBCA. “SBCA appreciates the work the International Bureau has done in highlighting the importance of our industry.”

“SIA thanks the FCC for acknowledging the increasing role the commercial satellite industry plays in our nation’s security and global connectivity. This year’s report demonstrated the vitality of our industry and its intrinsic role in our nation’s infrastructure,” said David Cavossa, executive director SIA.
Don Abelson, chief of the FCC’s International Bureau, presented the report at an open meeting this morning.

The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association is the national trade organization representing all segments of the satellite industry. It is committed to expanding the utilization of satellite technology for the broadcast delivery of video, audio, data, music, voice, interactive, and broadband services. The SBCA is composed of DBS, broadband, satellite radio, and other satellite service providers, content providers, equipment manufacturers, distributors, retailers, encryption vendors, and national and regional distribution companies that make up the satellite services industry. Additional information can be found at
SIA is a national trade association representing the world’s leading satellite manufacturers, service providers, and launch service companies. SIA serves as an advocate for the commercial satellite industry on regulatory and policy issues common to its members. With member companies providing a broad range of manufactured products and services throughout the world, SIA represents the unified voice of the commercial satellite industry.