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SBCA Applauds Congress for Reauthorizing the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act

Alexandria, Va., Nov. 20, 2004 – The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) today released the following statement on the reauthorization of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act.

The SHVIA reauthorization passed Congress as an attachment to the appropriations omnibus bill. President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law.

 “SBCA thanks Congress and greatly appreciates the hard work of the Commerce, Judiciary, and Appropriations Committee members and their staffs on this important piece of legislation,” said Richard DalBello, president SBCA. “This legislation will result in greater consumer choice and enhanced competition in the multi-channel video marketplace.

SBCA key provisions include:

  • A provision allowing satellite customers to receive “significantly viewed” stations. Cable has been allowed to offer these stations in the past and this provision will help put the DBS industry on more equal footing with cable.  

  • Royalty rate language that allows interested parties to negotiate their business agreements rather than putting the parties through a CARP process.  

  • The creation of a "digital white area" which will allow satellite companies to now deliver digital and  "high definition” television signals to millions of rural Americans who are currently digitally unserved.  

  • And finally, the bill extends for five years the compulsory license that allows DBS platforms to provide superstation and distant network signals to millions of Americans.

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