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SBCA Partners With Hoteleguide to Support New Commercial Service

Washington, D.C., April 9, 2007 -- The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) announced it has partnered with Hoteleguide to provide certification to their retail and installation network through the SBCA member companies.

“SBCA is pleased to work with Hoteleguide to develop and implement a certification program for their new commercial service,” said Steve Hill, SBCA Vice President of Training and Technology. “This product is unique for the hotel industry and offers significant opportunity for those involved.”

“Hoteleguide is a new video format for the hospitality industry designed to enhance the total guest experience,” said Jack Hunnicutt, Hoteleguide Executive Vice President of Sales. “We are pleased with the SBCA association and our strategic install and retail partners, and look forward to an alliance of many years. Hoteleguide provides a unique video guide channel, custom designed to each property.”

The Hoteleguide certification course will only be available to technicians holding a current SBCA commercial certification of Level 3 and will be conducted by select member companies starting next month. Hill went on to state that Halsted Communications ( and North American Cable Equipment ( will be involved in supporting this program for the installation and retailer network.  For additional information on Hoteleguide (, along with dates and location of future SBCA classes, please go to

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