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SBCA Announces Joseph Widoff as Executive Director

Washington, D.C., July 7, 2008 -- The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) today announced the appointment of Joseph Widoff as Executive Director.

Mr. Widoff has spent over thirty years in television and radio broadcasting, technology and education. In addition to serving in senior leadership positions at two public broadcasting stations, he worked at the Advanced Television Test Center, the facility which tested digital transmission systems for the FCC that ultimately resulted in the approved standard due to be completed by February 17, 2009. Mr. Widoff has also been a leader in the use of new media in the delivery of educational and instructional materials to teachers and students.

The SBCA Board of Director's Executive Committee said in a joint statement that, “Joe Widoff has a demonstrated track record of leadership and entrepreneurship throughout his career. His strong managerial and financial skills, in addition to the depth of his knowledge about the broadcasting industry, technology and education make him an ideal fit for SBCA’s needs as we move to raising the visibility and impact of the organization.”

Mr. Widoff stated that, “I am very grateful to the SBCA for giving me the opportunity to serve as its Executive Director. With a strong staff and supportive Board, I have no doubt that the SBCA can become an even more valuable and effective representative of the satellite industry in its many facets of advocacy, representation and training.”

Mr. Widoff has a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an undergraduate degree from Clark University. He was elected as a “DTV Pioneer” by the Consumer Electronics Associations and has been recognized by both NTIA and PBS for his leadership in the digital television conversion.

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