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Industry Works to Streamline Wyoming Satellite Technician Licensing

Washington, D.C., August 14, 2009 -- SBCA is pleased to report that the process for satellite technician licensing in the state of Wyoming has now been streamlined.  SBCA, with a significant and valuable contribution by DISH Network field operations executives, worked closely with the Electrical Safety Division of the Wyoming State Fire Marshall’s Office toward the adoption of the SBCA certification as the prerequisite for the licensing of individual technicians in the state. This was accomplished at the Wyoming Electrical Board’s August meeting and became effective August 11, 2009. 

Upon completion of the SBCA certification, submission of proof of certification to the state and payment of the applicable fees, technicians will now be issued a satellite installer license from the state of Wyoming. Please note that this new process does not change the requirement for companies doing business in the state but will allow their employees the opportunity to become licensed as satellite technicians through the SBCA. To access information on the specific process that contractors and technicians should follow to ensure compliance, go to

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