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Satellite Consumers Score A Win in Omaha - City Counsel Will Not
Pursue Registration Fee

Omaha, Nebraska, September 15, 2009 -- After hearing from outraged local residents, the Omaha City Council today voted 6-0 not to move forward a proposal to require new and existing satellite television subscribers to pay a $50 registration fee and impose inspection requirements on all satellite TV installations in Omaha, including a renewal requirement every three years. 

“The Council’s proposal violated federal law,” SBCA Executive Director Joe Widoff said. “It flew in the face of a very clear rule that prohibits the government from impairing the ability of people to install and use over-the-air reception devices. If it had passed, this would have been struck down and created a major budget headache for Omaha.” 

The rule – known as the Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule - preempts any state and local laws as well as community association rules that impair installation, maintenance or use of a protected antenna by: unreasonably delaying or preventing installation, maintenance or use; unreasonably increasing the cost of installation, maintenance, or use; or precluding reception of an acceptable quality signal.1

Widoff added, “This is a big win for satellite television’s continued competition against cable in the video services market in Omaha and sets valuable precedent across the country.”

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1 See 47 C.F.R. § 1.4000.

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