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City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania Repeals Satellite Dish Ordinance

Washington, D.C., December 14, 2009 --

On December 3, 2009, The Council of the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, voted unanimously to repeal a city ordinance regarding the placement of satellite dishes (Ordinance 2009-5). The repeal of the ordinance has come in response to action taken by the SBCA and the industry in their joint filing of a Petition for Declaratory Ruling with the Federal Communications against Hazleton’s ordinance enacted earlier this year.

The petition was filed jointly with Antenna Star Satellites, Inc. and Johnson TV & Satellite, companies providing satellite services in the Hazleton area. The Petition sought a declaratory ruling from the FCC pursuant to their Over-the-Air-Reception Device Rule. Among several violations SBCA addressed in the petition to the FCC, Hazleton’s ordinance required satellite dish owners to obtain and pay $10.00 for a permit for inspection and installation of a satellite dish. In light of the repeal of the ordinance, the FCC petition has been withdrawn.

“We are pleased with the City’s action to repeal this ordinance that violates federal law prohibiting the government from impairing the ability of people to install and use over-the-air reception devices,” stated Joe Widoff, SBCA Executive Director. “This action assures that consumers in the Hazelton area will continue to have access to satellite television without the worry of burdensome and illegal restrictions.”

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