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Key Member Benefits

Below please find information on some of the Key Member Benefits that SBCA offers to its members. If you would like to join the SBCA and become available to take advantage of the offerings click here to see the membership categories or call 800-541-5981 and ask for membership to get further details. 

Health Insurance
SBCA can provide our members and their families with comprehensive, affordable health insurance protection with average premium savings of 42%. This health insurance program provides a wide selection of comprehensive coverage options, including PPO Co-pay Plans, Health Savings Accounts, Short Term Health Insurance and Student Health Insurance.

Personal Insurance
Receive comprehensive personal insurance that ranges from issue term life insurance, issue accident insurance, issue disability insurance, home & auto insurance, legal & ID theft insurance and travel insurance.

Aflac Supplemental Insurance
SBCA members can receive substantial savings on dental, accident, and/or cancer/specified-disease insurance policies. Unlike major medical health insurance, Aflac pays the policy holder, not the doctor or hospital. You have total control over the cash benefits and the ability to spend the benefit checks as you see fit, regardless of any other group or individual coverage.

Distributor Discounts
SBCA members can now receive preferred member discounts from select distributors. The distributors participating include DSI Systems and Pace International.

Public Policy and Outreach
Have access to a 50 state survey of technician and business licensing requirements; find guidance on the FCC’s rules pertaining to satellite dish placement; and get information on states that impose unfair satellite taxes on consumers and join the fight.