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Membership Categories & Applications

  • direct tv and pro:idiomSatellite Provider Member
    Companies who own or lease transponders and control centralized nationwide program distribution for the retail market.
  • Installation Provider Member
    National or regional companies engaged in installation of satellite equipment.
  • Broadband Provider Member
    Companies engaged in delivery of high speed Internet via satellite.
  • Distributor Member
    Companies that are wholesale suppliers of ground reception equipment to the industry.
  • Technical Schools Member
    Technical schools that provide education or training in the satellite industry.
  • Retailer Member
    Companies that distribute retail satellite reception systems and programming to the consumer.
  • Individual Member
    Individuals that work as satellite technicians and installers
  • Programmer Member
    Companies controlling the production and/or distribution of original, licensed, or syndicated programming for home satellite viewing.
  • Manufacturer Member
    Manufacturers of satellite receiving equipment.
  • Industry Partner
    Professionals, consultants, members of the financial community and others who are interested in and support the activities and policies of the Association.
  • Independent Trainer Member
    Individuals certified to conduct SBCA training classes.