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April 16, 2009 Newsletter

- Letter from the Executive Director

- Company Profile - OnForce

- SBCA Offering Members New Benefits to Enhance the Value of Their Business

Letter from the Executive Director

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at SBCA over nine months, and that we’re already into the second quarter of 2009.  As you can tell from our monthly newsletters, we’ve been very active in pursuing our mission of  creating a world-class trade association that provides value-added benefits to our members and works to protect the rights of consumers to gain access to quality, affordable satellite services in their homes and businesses. 

With our leadership lunch at the CES in January, the formation of the Satellite Industry Leadership Council that met last month, and a working group that will meet later this month to consider changes in SBCA structure to enhance it’s impact and effectiveness, we have been reaching out to our key stakeholders to get their input.  We have attended retailer meetings throughout the country, along with distributors and installation providers to get their input on new members benefits and to seek their help in engaging in state legislatures and city councils on actions that will adversely affect their ability to make a living and meet the needs of customers.

Over the next six weeks we will attend both DIRECTV’s and DISH Networks’s annual conferences as well as several distributor events that will put SBCA in front of thousands of people involved in our industry.  The result, we are confident, will be an influx of new members who will see the direct value in joining SBCA.  For those of you who are members, thank you and we hope you find the additional benefits valuable.  For those of you who have yet to join—what are you waiting for?  JOIN NOW at!

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Company Profile - OnForce

OnForce is service made simple. The OnForce platform provides access to a national network of over 12,000 local service providers connecting service demand with local supply through a powerful online marketplace — easily, efficiently and profitably. Our marketplace has sophisticated tools that enable service provider to find, match, deploy, and pay the right technician for the right job, on demand. OnForce marketplace also offers a new model for managing all your service events while containing costs or growing your offerings. Nearing one million completed service orders, including 52,000 of work orders completed in the consumer electronics space, OnForce is a proven leader in helping service buyers increase profits, gain a competitive advantage, and contain service costs. The OnForce network is made up of 5,000+ IT and CE service buyers and more than 12,000 service technicians who work in a number of technology categories, including computers, printers, networking, VoIP, point of sale, and consumer electronics.

SBCA and OnForce have recently announced a strategic alliance, allowing OnForce’s network of information technology and consumer electronics service technicians to complete the SBCA’s industry-leading certification program, thus promoting the highest standard for the installation of satellite products and services. OnForce technicians will also be encouraged to join the SBCA and take advantage of their numerous member benefit programs including educational discounts, monthly newsletters, legislative updates, and group insurance programs. As part of this partnership, SBCA member companies are encouraged to join the OnForce professional network and take advantage of their wide array of service work opportunities. For more information, please turn to

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SBCA Offering Members New Benefits to Enhance the Value of Their Business
The satellite industry supports thousands of individuals and businesses, collectively we make an attractive group that major firms want to work with. We have been reaching out to these firms to negotiate group savings for SBCA members and their employees. In the coming weeks the SBCA will be introducing a number of new programs designed to make your business more profitable, enhance employee productivity and assisting in offering affordable health insurance. Here are some of the programs that you will be seeing soon.

  • Discounted fuel, oil changes and vehicle maintenance
  • Employee rewards and incentive program- Cost effective and a great way to reward your best performers
  • New website with search engine optimization
  • Member referral program

Effective Immediately
The SBCA is pleased to provide our members and their families with comprehensive, affordable health insurance protection with average premium savings of 40%. This new health insurance program provides a wide selection of comprehensive coverage options, including PPO Co-pay Plans, Health Savings Accounts, Short Term Health Insurance and Student Health Insurance. Plans will be enrolled through our broker USI Affinity and their plan administrator JLBG Health.

The SBCA makes it easy for you to get health insurance the way you want it. Pay for the coverage you need, and not the coverage you will never use. These programs are designed for small business and individuals .You can call now to build your personal plan, enroll via TeleExpress, (no paper application) and be approved in as little as 24 hours.

Member Plans Include:
A 3 year rate guarantee regardless of claims.
$25 million in lifetime benefits per person.
Over 1,000,000 providers nationwide.
A 10% healthy member discount
A new shrinking deductible- if you do not exceed your deductible in any given year we will credit 20% off it the following year.
1st dollar preventive and wellness care.

To become an SBCA member click here.

If you are already a member and want additional information on SBCA’s new health benefits go to

We want to hear from you! Members of the SBCA staff will be at a number of upcoming events including DIRECTV Revolution, Team Summit and DSI Electronics Expo. Stop by our booth and learn about our new benefit programs and let us know what else you would like to see us offer.

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SBCA on the Road

- DIRECTV Revolution Apr 20-22
Dallas, TX

- Broadband Properties Apr 27-29
Dallas, TX

- DSI Electronic Expo Apr 29
Tempe, AZ

- DISH Team Summit May 7-9
Denver, CO

- DSI Electronic Expo May 13
Atlanta, GA

- DSI Electronic Expo May 20
Des Moines, IA

New Members

Listed below are SBCA's newest members that have joined over the past month that we would like to welcome to the Association:

Clear Vision Satellite
East Bethel, MN

East Georgia Satellite

Covington, GA

KLS Installations

Phoenix, AZ

OnForce, Inc.

Lexington, MA

Rafael O. Batista

Christan Cavallaro

Daniel T. Skilton

Coming Soon

New Website

Industry Calendar of Events

MDU/SMATV On-Line Course

SBCA Master Technician Program

Did You Know...

... over 14,000 technicians have been certified in 2009? SBCA certification is an important part of your company's business. It helps differentiate your company from the competition, reassures customers that your techs have achieved professional standards and is part of some states licensing criteria. Don't delay, get your technicians certified today.

Member News

Bulk TV & Internet Successfully Installs and Tests Revolutionary Hotel HD Solution from DIRECTV and Thomson

DTV Transition

On June 12, 2009 U.S. over the air television broadcasting will change from an analog to a digital format. As a public service we are providing a number of links to resources that might help you decide which path is right for you to comply with the digital transition. The consumer based satellite industry and SBCA are committed to helping you make the transition as easy as possible. Click here for more details.

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