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August 13, 2008 Newsletter

- Letter from the Executive Director
- Member Spotlight - Communications Supply Corporation (CSC)

- Advanced System Integration Course to Debut at CEDIA

Letter from the Executive Director
We are pleased to introduce the Online Membership Manager (OMM) system as our latest member benefit.  OMM will provide all members access to a secured portion of SBCA website with new interactive features.  The password protected website is designed to provide resources specific to the member depending on their membership type.  It is our intention to make OMM the premier information resource for the satellite industry.

Once a member enters their login they can download & view the details only specific to their membership type.  This will help them better understand the benefits they are receiving from the SBCA.

In order to begin receiving all of the benefits of the OMM system, all members will be asked to enter a company profile for SBCA records.  This will provide members the capability to keep their contact information current.  In addition this will provide a company profile that will enable other members to contact them regarding new business opportunities.  The SBCA frequently receives inquiries from member organizations who wish to tap the talent and ability of our membership base for new products or business opportunities.  By having a detailed company profile it will be easier for these organizations to identify potential business partners and contact them to discuss these opportunities.

Another valuable feature is our newly launched full service Job Board which will give members the ability to post jobs & search resumes.  One of the most difficult challenges for our members is to find qualified personnel.  The Job Board will enable members to post for specific jobs including, sales, management, installation and operations.  The Job Board will also provide the ability for individuals to post their resumes which our members will be able to search in order to find ideal candidates to meet their needs.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, members will find easy access to our current member benefits including the state Licensing Database, Technical Updates, e-Newsletters, SBCA staff contact information, Online Training and Certification programs via the OMM.

As all of the SBCA programs are designed for the benefit of our members, we need to know what else we need to offer.  Therefore as part of OMM we have created a Member Feedback Form.  The feedback information will be emailed to SBCA staff & a copy of the request will be saved in an online database.  SBCA staff will update the online database with comments which will stay on record for the member to review at a latter stage.  We will in turn work with our various working groups and board of directors to continue to improve the SBCA and make it the premier organization for the satellite industry.

Joseph Widoff

Member Spotlight - Communications Supply Corporation (CSC)

CSC is a leading national distributor of low voltage network infrastructure and industrial wire & cable products and a wholly-owned subsidiary of WESCO International (NYSE:WCC).

CSC’s FTTx Team Specializes in Fiber Optic Connectivity

• FTTx-Node-Curb or Premise

• OSP Applications: Buried or Above Ground

• Cascaded or Point to Point

• Spliced or Connectorized

• ONT’s, OLT’s


Builders/Developers, Integrators, Contractors, Independent Operating Companies or Public/Private Utilities can count on CSC’s Experienced FTTx Team for its application expertise, provisioning expertise and product sourcing.

CSC has a proven record of FTTx support experience. Our FTTx professionals are industry application experts. We know FTTx requirements and can support your project from inventory, off the shelf.

FTTx products are in stock and ready to ship.

For application support, product selection or quotes,

Call Toll-Free:

(877)272-FTTx or (877)272-3889.

Ask your application specialist for the new 2008 CSC FTTx Catalog.  Visit us online at

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Advanced System Integration Course to Debut at CEDIA

The SBCA will be offering a course in advanced system integration at the upcoming CEDIA Expo on September 2nd. This course is designed for individuals who installing high end audio and video systems and need to understand how to properly add satellite into these advanced systems. This course will cover topics on signal distribution, multi-switching, custom installation mounts, heat management, cable and voltage loss, proper use of advanced signal meters and troubleshooting. In addition this course will touch on advanced products such as DISH’s DISHCOMM and DIRECTV’s MFH2 technology both of which are used often in the custom installation market.

For more details on this course or to sign up and attend please go to


September 2-5

Denver, CO


Contractor Locator Service:

As a feature of the OMM members will be able to be listed as part of our contractor locator service. If members are interested in finding qualified contractors or wish to make their services available to other organizations they will be able to do so via the OMM. The company profile will allow you to list the number of technicians you have, geographic location and skill sets of your organization. This will make it easier for member companies to contact you to discuss contractor opportunities.


Listed below are SBCA's newest members that have joined over the past month:

Bruce Dupre

Chris Fredette

David Song

Edward Garcia

Jason Budisalovich

Jeffrey Lawton

Jeremy Stricker

Kris Gentry

Kyle Biondich

Mark Bernath

Mike Kinas

MLS Precision/Ultra Tech Home Serv.

Rene Perez

Rolland Southwick

Sat Tech Antenna Systems

Scott Phillips

Shannon Sykes

Steve Masters

Tom Starkey


July 7, 2008 - SBCA Announces Joseph Widoff as Executive Director

July 14, 2008 - Louisiana Abolishes State Radio and Television Technicians Board

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