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July 16, 2008 Newsletter

- Letter from the Executive Director
- Member Spotlight - PPC
- Take Action – Urge Your Member of Congress to Support H.R. 3679

Letter from the Executive Director

I am delighted to be writing this first letter to you as the new Executive Director of SBCA.  As a long time subscriber of DBS (1996), I have enjoyed the service and watched it grow to over 30 million subscribers.

SBCA serves as an advocate for the industry at the state level as well as certifies thousand of technicians each year through its National Standards and Testing Program.  My goal is to expand the organization’s services in each of theses areas to provide better support to existing members as well as attract new members to SBCA.  One example is the recently launched program with The Buying Group (, designed to save members thousands of dollars on products and services you already use. 

I am particularly interested in making SBCA the place to go for information about the industry that will not only serve its members, but the general public as well, who may be considering DBS services for their video, audio or data needs.

That’s where you come in.  Over the next few months I will be travelling to meet as many of you as I can at conferences, conventions, roundtables and one-on-one to ask you what SBCA can do to improve its current services and  develop new ones.  I will count on your advice and support to enhance SBCA’s value and visibility as we move forward in this ever changing business.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions, thoughts, concerns.  I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this fine organization and talented staff, and look forward to working you.

Joseph Widoff

Member Spotlight - PPC Develops Products and Solutions to Ensure Customer Satisfaction Worldwide

In addition to holding more patents in connector technology than any other company in the world, PPC, a Syracuse, NY-based manufacturer, has built its reputation over the past 65 years as a worldwide leader in telecommunications by providing innovative solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems. The family-owned company has created a solution-based approach that has resulted in drop components that reduce craft errors, lower operational costs and ensure the best possible service to subscribers around the globe.

“We are proud to have a company culture clearly focused on bringing forward innovation that continues to make a significant impact on our industry and provide real benefit to our customers,” said PPC President John Mezzalingua.

The top-notch team of experts at PPC knows that every day installers are faced with common problems like identifying old, unmarked cables or ensuring that moisture does not penetrate the system. However, installations with PPC products like the Universal EX Connector and the AquaTight ensure that the job is done right the first time and drastically reduces costly service calls. PPC’s signature line of Universal EX Connectors have an innovative design that takes the guess work out of matching connector cables, and its AquaTight uses patented technology to keep connections moisture free and in top working order.

PPC also offers a line of drop components, including coax jumper cables, F-81s, and a line of industrial grade video cables, including its patented Locking HDMI Cable.

While PPC manufactures only the highest quality products, the company also understand that even the best components will not ensure quality performance if installed incorrectly. To that end, PPC works closely with its partners to ensure proper installation of all of its products and has developed an in-depth training program for its customers. PPC application engineers and field representatives travel to satellite locations across the United States to offer on-site training. Since 2006, PPC has trained over 11,000 satellite technicians in the most effective, state-of-the-art installation methods available in the telecommunication industry with a clear focus not only on “how” to install its connectors but “why” consistent installation is vital to customer satisfaction.

With more patents in connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC has pioneered many of the advancements available in the industry today and is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of connector technology for the telecommunications, satellite and wireless industries around the world. PPC’s innovations include the Universal Compression Connector, the leading connector throughout the satellite industry; a one-piece compression connector for the wireless industry; and the industry’s only auto Locking HDMI Cable. Headquartered in E. Syracuse, NY, U.S.A., PPC also has locations in Denmark, St. Kitts and China. For more information, visit

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Take Action – Urge Your Member of Congress to Support H.R. 3679

In an effort to preserve its dominant market position, cable is exploiting a loophole in federal law by enacting discriminatory state tax laws that offset cable's costs (franchise fees) with increased taxes on satellite consumers.  Six states (Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Utah) have imposed discriminatory sales tax on satellite TV, with no burden or lesser burden placed on cable subscribers – and more states are threatening to do so.

Introduced in 2007, H.R. 3679, the State Video Tax Fairness Act, would create a federal prohibition against discrimination in state taxation of multichannel video programming distribution services, including Internet protocol, satellite TV and cable television services.

State satellite tax penalizes satellite TV subscribers for their choice with higher taxes.  Satellite TV and cable should compete for subscribers on a level playing field based on what consumers want: lower prices, higher quality and better service.

The SBCA urges you to visit and click on the “Take Action” link to contact your Member of Congress.  Please ask them to support H.R. 3679, the State Video Tax Fairness Act.


Other upcoming industry events the SBCA will have a presence at. If you have any questions, comments or would like to stop by to discuss anything we encourage you to come by and visit with us. We will be at the following shows:

July 22-26
National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), New Orleans, LA


Online Membership Manager (OMM)

We are weeks away from launching our Online Membership Manager (OMM). OMM will provide SBCA members with access to a secured, password protected portion of the SBCA website. OMM will give you access to resources specific to your company. You will be able to:

- update your company profile
- view details specific to your
- post jobs and search resumes
- check membership status
- pay dues online
- access to online benefits
- member feedback form
- & more


Listed below are SBCA's newest members that have joined over the past month:

Andy Gajewski

Crystal-Clear TV

Gilbert Gonzalez

John Wood

MidSouth Satellite

Robert Faria

Roger Giddens


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