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June 11, 2008 Newsletter

- Tech Tips: It's the Little Things That Matter
- Member Spotlight - Pace International
- SBCA Successful in Lobbying Massachusetts Legislature


Tech Tips: It's the Little Things That Matter

Frequently the failure of an LNB or receiver is created by an improperly installed fittings, barrel connectors or improper cable preparation. Most of these problems can be further traced to improper materials and or preparation. It is amazing to think that the least expensive items (the fitting and barrels) in the installation are responsible for a significant portion of service calls.

Here are just a few things to remember this subject that will save you time and money.

  • Ensure that you are only using materials from your platform providers Approved list. These materials have undergone the necessary testing and inspection to ensure that they will properly function for the environment that they will be used. Remember that while some components are approved for a specific technology they may not be for others. If you do not have a list of Approved Materials contact your authorized distributor for an updated copy.

  • Don’t assume that the existing fittings and barrel connector for the wall plate are going to pass the required frequency of the component you are using. Many service calls can be traced back to failure of a product that was not designed to pass the higher frequency. While these may work temporarily, they will soon fail thus creating a future service call. A general rule to follow is to replace all of the existing fittings and wall plate barrels to ensure a working system.

  • Verify that your installation tools are designed for the job and are in proper working order. Ensure that your crimper is compatible for the fittings you will be using. If you are using quad shield cable you must use a fitting designed for this purpose.

  • Check the blade on your cable prep tool to ensure that it is sharp. A dull blade will often cause a couple pieces of braid to wrap around the center conductor instead of cutting them. If you unsure if the blade is dull you should replace it. Never use a knife or utility blade to prep a cable.

  • Be sure to properly prep the coaxial cable. Even if you use only Approved Materials, failure to properly cut and crimp the connector can lead to signal loss and or system failure.

  • While these tips may seem like a simple step for a seasoned installer, it is best to always check all of your connectors before you leave to ensure that they are Approved Materials and that they are properly installed.

  • Lastly, if you use employees or contractors to perform your installations be sure that they are also using the proper tools and following all the necessary steps for cable preparation. Don’t assume they are, check their work and tools. It may save you the cost of a service call or a chargeback and will further ensure a satisfied customer. Remember, if you are receiving an installation subsidy, you are responsible for the quality of work.

Member Spotlight - Pace International

For over 35 years, Pace International ( has served as an industry-leading manufacturer, distributor and value-added reseller of commercial grade satellite, cable TV, home theater and audio products along with the leading brands of installation tools and supplies.  Through its international operations, and a broad national base of dealers, system operators, retailers, and wholesale clients, Pace serves customers throughout the world. In addition, Pace International is home to one of the leading SBCA certification training facilities in the United States. The technical trainers at Pace are experts in RF and fiber distribution, and lead classes on SBCA Fundamentals, Essentials of MDU/SMATV, and MFH-1™ and MFH-2™ (Multi Family Homes) certification as well as courses in Fiber Optics. Pace training has earned rave reviews throughout the industry. Graduates leave with a thorough knowledge of the guidelines and principles of satellite installation and the ability to use their knowledge to attain high levels of customer satisfaction in the field.

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SBCA Successful in Lobbying Massachusetts Legislature
The SBCA successfully lobbied the Massachusetts legislature to include favorable language in its statewide licensing bill, S.B. 204.  The additional language would require the governing regulatory body to review and consider nationwide industry specific certification courses when adopting the statewide certification exam for contractors and technicians.  Three other states (Connecticut, Rhode Island and Louisiana), have considered the SBCA’s National Standard and Testing Program in the creation of their respective certification exams.  The SBCA is confident the additional language would allow Massachusetts to do the same.  The bill now reports to the Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules.


SBCA is pleased to announce the winners of our raffle held during the Dish Network Team Summit last month in Nashville, TN.

1st Prize
7.1 Surround Sound System,
c/o Case SRS:

Sam Mobley,
Star Connection, LLC

2nd Prize

SBCA Preferred Retailer Memberships
(2 winners):

- J.R. Kennedy,
United Satellite Service, LLC

- Lane Formby,
Formby Enterprises


Other upcoming industry events the SBCA will have a presence at. If you have any questions, comments or would like to stop by to discuss anything we encourage you to come by and visit with us. We will be at the following shows:

June 25-27
Career College Association, Las Vegas NV


Online Membership Manager (OMM)
Next month SBCA will be launching the Online Membership Manager (OMM). OMM will provide SBCA members with access to a secured, password protected portion of the SBCA website. OMM will give you access to resources specific to your company. You will be able to:

- update your company profile
- view details specific to your
- post jobs and search resumes
- check membership status
- pay dues online
- access to online benefits
- member feedback form
- & more


Listed below are SBCA's newest members that have joined over the past month:

  • Communication Concepts, LLC
  • Communication Supply Corp.
  • Eagle Satellite of Butte, Inc.
  • Formby Enterprises
  • Freedom Satellite
  • Pro Dish Satellite Systems
  • Randy's Satellite Service
  • Reklaw Electronics
  • Santa Satellite Systems
  • Silvain Communications
  • Sky Net Installer
  • Trans World Satellites
  • TV For All
  • United Satellite Service, LLC
  • VC Satellite


May 28, 2008 - SBCA and Satellite Training Institute Team Up to Offer Certification Classes

May 14, 2008 - SBCA Announces New
Retail Membership Tiers

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