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May 13, 2008 Newsletter

- Chairman's Message
- Member Spotlight - Clearwire
- One Bad Apple: Contractors, Dealers and State Licensing Laws

Chairman's Message

In addition to its National Standards Testing Program that certifies satellite technicians to work in our industry, various other educational programs, business opportunities, job board and significant discounts through The Buying Group (“TBG”), the SBCA spends considerable resources on addressing state and local regulatory issues that affect our industry. These issues range from licensing, permitting, and installation regulations. The SBCA aggressively monitors ongoing issues at the state and local level, and works with government officials to ensure that any laws or regulations that are passed have minimal impact on your ability to install satellite dishes. The SBCA works with state and local government agencies to create licensing criteria that is reflective of our industry’s scope of work you cannot afford to be burdened with regulations that make it difficult, costly or even impossible to do your work.

The SBCA is vigorously working on issues that matter to you. During our discussions with state legislators and agency officials, we frequently involve SBCA members at a local level.  Involving an SBCA member who is also a local citizen is invaluable when it comes to educating officials about our business and our contributions to their economy. We need a robust retailer membership we need your representation in every state and locality in the country. If you are already a member, you can help us in this effort by encouraging other retailer installation contractors and individual technicians to join the SBCA. The reasonable cost of membership helps fund our ability to protect your rights to install satellite systems throughout the country.

As always, thank you for your support,

Lori Kalani, Dish Network
Chair SBCA Board of Directors

Member Spotlight - Clearwire

Clearwire Corporation is a provider of simple, fast, portable and reliable high-speed Internet service.  Founded in 2003 by wireless pioneer Craig O. McCaw, Clearwire’s mission is to provide the simplest way for people to enjoy all that the Internet has to offer anytime and anywhere.

Clearwire launched its first market in August 2004, and now operates in 50 markets in the U.S. and Europe.

Clearwire customers connect to the Internet using licensed spectrum, thus eliminating the confines of traditional cable or phone lines.  The increasing demand for Clearwire’s product and service offerings continues to demonstrate that its fast, simple, portable, reliable and affordable wireless broadband services has mass market appeal.

The distribution opportunities Clearwire intends to create for qualified partners will leverage the company’s wireless broadband service, which covers entire communities across the country.  Clearwire will help its dealer partners expand their revenue opportunities by providing a suite of wireless broadband services – high-speed Internet access, voice services, and PC Cards – to complement their existing DBS offerings for both new and existing customers.

This year, Clearwire is continuing its wireless-network innovation with the development and launch of its newest technology, mobile WiMAX.  The company has plans to deploy four markets in the second half of 2008 including, Portland, Oregon; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlanta, Georgia.  

Just as mobile phones now connect to people rather than places, Clearwire is giving its customers the ability to access the Internet, at true broadband speeds, when they are at home, or away. 

Clearwire is based in Kirkland, Wash. and employs nearly 2,000 people.

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One Bad Apple: Contractors, Dealers and State Licensing Laws

A situation earlier this month reminded us of one of the more common problems with state licensing laws and regulations.  It stemmed from a situation in Nevada.  A dealer wasn’t licensed but the DBS provider and sub-contractor was.  Though they operated as just dealers the state still viewed them as being part of the distribution chain and required them to be licensed or have penalties levied against everyone in the chain.  We’ve seen this in other states too, and refer to it as the “bad apple rule”: just one can spoil the bunch.  If you are installing within a state that requires contractors to be licensed (AK, CA, GA, VA, WA and WY) or one that requires both the technician and contractor to be licensed (CT, HI, MN, NV, RI and D.C.) we recommend you check that each entity in the distribution chain holds a license in the state where the install is being performed.  If not, you risk spoiling it for everyone.


SBCA is pleased to announce the winners of our raffle held during the DIRECTV Dealer Revolution last month in Orlando, FL.

1st Prize
Applied Instrument Super Buddy Meter:

David Noel Babbage,
Babbage & Sons

2nd Prize

SBCA Retailer Memberships (3 winners):

- Mark Gagnon,
South County Sound & Video

- Dana Stevens,
Premier Satellite

- Lisa Lang,
Alarm Works of Arkansas

3rd Prize

PPC Connectors ($150 value)

Bill Teevens,


Other upcoming industry events the SBCA will have a presence at. If you have any questions, comments or would like to stop by to discuss anything we encourage you to come by and visit with us. We will be at the following shows:

May 16-18
DISH Network Team Summit, Nashville TN

June 25-27
Career College Association, Las Vegas NV


Online Membership Manager (OMM)
Over the next couple months SBCA will be launching its Online Membership Manager (OMM). OMM will provide SBCA members with access to a secured, password protected portion of the SBCA website. OMM will give you access to resources specific to your company. You will be able to:

- update your company profile
- view details specific to your
- post jobs and search resumes
- check membership status
- pay dues online
- access to online benefits
- member feedback form
- & more


April 17, 2008 - SBCA & Clearwire to
Develop Commercial Retailer Program

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