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October 28, 2008 Newsletter

- Letter from the Executive Director
- Member Spotlight - Applied Instruments
- Legislative Update

Letter from the Executive Director

I’ve spent the past few months since assuming the position of Executive Director of SBCA learning and listening about what SBCA needs to do become the premier trade association representing the consumer based satellite industry.  I’ve gotten a good sense of our past challenges and achievements and our future opportunities.

In early October, the Board of SBCA met in Washington to consider strategies for the future direction of the association, and to identify its strengths and weakness; its opportunities and challenges.  The ensuing discussion was lively and very productive.  I will be taking that input and using it do develop a revised mission statement, strategic objectives and goals for the next 3 years, as we prepare the operating budget for ’09.  The struggling economy reinforces the importance of a vibrant, active and effective trade association, that will protect its members from unnecessary increases in the cost of the doing business and help to ensure an excellent customer experience.

While the exact wording of the strategic plan is yet to be developed, we know the basic outline of what we want to do.  SBCA will be (1) an effective advocate at the state and local levels for the industry in assuring reasonable regulation and opposing discriminatory taxation, (2) the premier provider of certification and standards setting educational materials, (3) an effective conduit bringing together manufacturers and distributors with their customers, (4) a neutral platform for all our members to receive information whether it is for financial opportunities, information distribution, or just sharing views. 

This is an exciting time to be a part of this industry.  I look forward to taking on these tasks in an effort to help support your business and make our industry the premier industry for consumers to turn to for their television and data needs.

Joseph Widoff

Member Spotlight - Applied Instruments, Inc.

Applied Instruments has been designing and manufacturing RF test equipment since 1986.  The company is focused on providing the best valued test equipment that meets or exceeds customer expectations.  Product lines include signal measurement meters, test signal generators and RF switches. 

Applied Instruments’ most popular product at the moment is the model Super Buddy Satellite Meter.  It has become an industry standard due to its versatility.  An installer can use the Super Buddy meter to install Dish Network, DIRECTV, WildBlue, C-Band, Ku Band, Free to Air, and more.  The Super Buddy meter is a high quality, easy to use instrument enabling technicians to do their job better, faster, and cheaper.  It simplifies satellite identification, installation and troubleshooting.

Applied Instruments provides information and technical support to customers when they need it.  The company prides itself on allowing the customer to speak to a human instead of talking to an automated voice mail system.  Applied Instruments values critical input and requests.  It's what drives product development and refinement.

If you need RF test and measurement solutions, pick up the phone and call, email, or better yet come and visit Applied Instruments.

Contact Information:

Applied Instruments, Inc.

5230 Elmwood Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46203

United States of America

Toll Free Tel# 800-244-2976

Tel# 317-782-4331

Fax# 317-786-9665


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Legislative Update

One of the most common questions that the SBCA hears from its members and satellite customers is in regards to restrictions being placed on the installation of satellite systems by Home Owners associations and Apartment Owners. Most of these issues are covered under the FCC’s OTARD ruling. The SBCA has created a number of informational materials which are available to retailers, technicians and consumers. In recent months the SBCA has begun to reach out to the various trade associates that HOA’s and Apartment Owners belong to.

We will be working with these organizations to inform their members of the regulations regarding satellite installation. This will include providing them with our existing educational materials. We will be attending their upcoming trade events and seminars where we will have an opportunity to speak with their members about the OTARD ruling and also some of the new technology that is designed for the MDU market. In the end of November we will be featured on a Webinar for the National Multi Housing Council where we will be discussing these areas and the upcoming digital transition.

As we move forward into 2009 the SBCA will be looking to expand our outreach to other organizations so that we can educate them on satellite television. We will also be expanding our website to provide our members and consumers with additional information regarding OTARD along with other issues that affect the MDU marketplace. If you have an idea of something we could do to assist you in educating your customers on this regulation, new technology or the digital transition please contact us at or 202-349-3620.


SBCA has recently launched our new full service Careers Job Board to service our industry. The Job Board is now live on our websites. Be sure to check it out and enter in all your company openings and needs. If you need assistance contact Martin Esteves at 202-349-3630 or


Contractor Locator Service:

As a feature of the Online Membership Manager (OMM) members will be able to be listed as part of our contractor locator service. If members are interested in finding qualified contractors or wish to make their services available to other organizations they will be able to do so via the OMM. The company profile will allow you to list the number of technicians you have, geographic location and skill sets of your organization. This will make it easier for member companies to contact you to discuss contractor opportunities.


Listed below are SBCA's newest members that have joined over the past month:

Apogee Technologies
Austin, TX

Construction - CAD Solutions
Willowbrook, IL

Dish Doctor
San Diego, CA

David Kim

George Fu

George Kozel

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