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September 16, 2008 Newsletter

- Letter from the Executive Director: Job Board Launch
- Member Spotlight - PDI-SAT

- Support HR3679, the State Video Tax Fairness Act

Letter from the Executive Director: Job Board Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest Online Member Manager (OMM) feature, the SBCA Careers Job Board.  The Job Board will grow to be the premier location for our industry to bring together and enable our members to find the top candidates looking for work opportunities within the industry and vice versa.  This will provide SBCA members with a new tool that has not previously been available within our industry.

Member companies will be able to log into the Job Board as an employer using their OMM ID# and password and will have the ability to post open positions for their respective companies.  Members will not be limited to only posting positions for technicians and installers as was previously available but will be able to post positions from any openings they may need to fill within their company such as residential installers, commercial installers, trainers, sales, human resources, finance, operations, engineering, etc.  Members will be able to make as many postings as they have positions to fill.

Installers/technicians or any person that is looking for a job or position within the industry will be able to utilize the SBCA Careers Job Board as well.  They will be able to register and will be provided with free access to the website.  This will enable them with the ability to search for open positions that are posted by SBCA member companies and will also provide them with the ability to post their resumes on the website, providing the ability for member companies to do their own search for potential candidates for their vacant positions.

We encourage all our members to log on the SBCA Careers Job Board and start posting any openings within their companies.  The site will take some time to be populated and start gaining traction so please be patient as it is rolled out.  You can log in to your OMM account at, from there click on the Job Board link.  If you have any questions or have any suggestions for improvement of the Job Board please let us know by contacting Martin Esteves at 202-349-3630 or and we will evaluate your ideas and do our best to have them implemented.

Joseph Widoff

Member Spotlight - PDI-SAT

PDI-SAT is a division of PDI Communications, Inc, and Master System Operator for DIRECTV®.

PDI-SAT corporate headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida with its’ distribution centers in Florida and Southern California.

The company was founded in 1985 and is privately held. PDI-SAT is a distributor and manufacturer of complete end to end solutions for Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties and the Hospitality/Institutional Market. The company offers DIRECTV® programming services as well as Coaxial, Analog, Digital, or Qam modulation Headends, and Fiber Optic infrastructure products for its clients.

In addition to individual unit sales of the products, the company offers complete build, burn-in and delivery of Pre-Racked Multi-Channel systems. PDI-SAT offers complete system design, support and technical assistance from its team of highly experienced engineers and staff for any size or type of property. The company is also a registered Training Center for SBCA Level 1 through MFH2™ certification of installation technicians throughout North America.

For more information go to

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Support HR3679, the State Video Tax Fairness Act

Satellite TV and cable should compete for subscribers on a level playing field based on what consumers want- lower prices, higher quality, and better service.  However, at cable's behest, states have begun enacting creative tax laws that tilt the playing field in cable's favor by penalizing satellite TV subscribers for their choice with higher taxes.  Six states (Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Utah) have all enacted tax laws that essentially offset cable's costs (franchise fees) with increased taxes on satellite consumers.

H.R. 3679, the State Video Tax Fairness Act, would return the competitive landscape of the multichannel video industry back to what Congress intended it to be, fair.  Its enactment would create a federal prohibition against discrimination in state taxation of multichannel video programming distribution services, including Internet protocol, satellite TV and cable television services.  If Congress refuses to act, however, these discriminatory taxes will proliferate, competition will diminish, prices will rise, and consumers will suffer.

The SBCA urges you to visit and click on the “Take Action” link to contact your Member of Congress.  Please ask them to support H.R. 3679, the State Video Tax Fairness Act.


Contractor Locator Service:

As a feature of the OMM members will be able to be listed as part of our contractor locator service. If members are interested in finding qualified contractors or wish to make their services available to other organizations they will be able to do so via the OMM. The company profile will allow you to list the number of technicians you have, geographic location and skill sets of your organization. This will make it easier for member companies to contact you to discuss contractor opportunities.


Listed below are SBCA's newest members that have joined over the past month:

Livingston Technologies
Cedar Knolls, NJ

Modern Day Satellite
Salem, AL

Daniel Hasty

Jeffrey Shulz

Kevin Bates

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