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Time is Money

As we all know time is money. One of the most important things all technicians can do to improve their productivity and profitability is to ensure that their work environment is properly organized.

The other day my neighbor was getting a satellite system installed by a local retailer. The job took approximately 3 hours. During this time I watched the tech go back to his truck numerous times to get tools and parts. Every time he went back to the truck he spent time searching for the product he was looking for. As I watched this process it struck me that this installer could have saved 30 to 45 min on this installation had he been better organized, over the course of the day this would have saved the tech an hour or 2 which could translate into another job or more time to be with friends and family.

The first thing that stood out at me was that the installer did not have a tool belt. Having one of these would have eliminated 2 or 3 trips back and forth to the truck. A good tool belt will allow you to carry almost everything you need and keep it within handy reach. This is especially true when you are up on a ladder or on the opposite side of the structure from where you parked the truck. It also reduces the chance that you might accidentally misplace a tool or leave it at the job site.

A properly organized truck will also save you time and money. Dedicated storage bins for all your materials will allow you to easily locate the part you need without having to go hunting every time you need something. It will also make it easier to inventory your parts and ensure that you always have what you need in stock. In addition a properly organized truck may provide additional safety as materials will be more secure in case of an accident. There are plenty of products on the market designed to improve work truck organizations. Some of these can run into thousands of dollars, however, I have met plenty of technicians who have built their own racks and bins for very little cost. Get what works best for you and your business. If you are doing delivery and installation of high end electronics your needs are going to vastly different than if you are just installing a satellite dish.

Lastly having a properly organized work area and appearance will only enhance the customer’s perception that they are getting a professional install. Fairly or not how you are perceived will play a significant part in ensuring the customers satisfaction. This in turn will lead to more referrals, custom work and ultimately revenue.

Transmitter News 10/18/06

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