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Tech Update- Repair

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Tech Tips

Tools & Materials Tips

  • Importance of Properly Installed Fittings- The time involved in traveling to the service call, diagnosing the problem and then repairing it can be almost as long as doing a whole new install. Not to mention the fact that every time a customer has a service call it has a negative affect on their perception of the service.
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  • Choosing a Signal Meter- With satellite providers continuing to expand their services and introduce new technology a high quality signal meter is more essential than ever.
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Staffing & Training Tips

  • It's The Little Things- It is amazing to think that the least expensive items (the fitting and barrels) in the installation are responsible for a significant portion of service calls.
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  • Finding Quality Technicians- The potential costs for repeat service call and charge backs make it imperative that the installation is done correctly the first time.
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  • The Benefits of Proper Organization- The other day my neighbor was getting a satellite system installed by a local retailer. The job took approximately 3 hours. During this time I watched the tech go back to his truck numerous times to get tools and parts.
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  • Your Company’s Front Line Representative- Failure to use properly trained technicians
    will result in lost referrals, service calls, charge backs and a poor reputation for
    your company.
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Operations Tips

  • Customer Education for High Definition Installations- Customer education is one of the most important aspects of the satellite installation. It can literally be the determining factor in a customer deciding to disconnect their system.
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  • Know Your Rights- Over-the-Air Reception Devices (OTARD) Rule, a federal law, protects the rights of the consumer as to where they can or cannot install and use a satellite dish.
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  • Quality Control- A quality control inspection will provide a number of benefits such as fewer service calls, reduced charge backs, and more satisfied customers along with increased referrals.
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  • Resolving Customer Problems and Complaints- One of the first lessons I was taught when I became a manager was that the true quality of any organization is judged by how they resolve their customer’s problems.
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Sales & Marketing Tips

  • Know Your Competition- Understanding your competition is crucial part of any successful business and is just as important as understanding the products you sell.
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  • Selling Opportunities- Satellite Television is one of the greatest products to sell as it offers you, the professional satellite retailer, opportunities to sell the customer a number of great products and services.
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