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Working Groups

SBCA member company involvement is vital to the continued success of the Association. The following are descriptions of and participants of the SBCA working groups. The working groups represent a broad cross-section of all SBCA divisions so that the views and ideas of different areas of the satellite industry can be heard through the work of the SBCA. If you are interested in getting your company involved on an SBCA working group, please contact the staff point person for that particular group or call (202) 349-3620.

Satellite Industry Leadership Council

The Satellite Industry Leadership Council is an advisory group to the Board of Directors and senior management. The Council will make recommendations on ways SBCA can help to improve the visibility, profitability and effectiveness of all satellite industry segments. Key initiatives will include quality training programs, expanded membership benefits, employee recruitment/retention and satellite rights advocacy both for the installer and the consumer.

The Council will make recommendations to the management and Board of Directors which shall be advisory in nature and not binding on the Association. Specific areas of involvement include:

  • Development of new or enhanced member benefits for existing and new members.
  • Initiatives that will improve the profitability and effectiveness of all segments of the industry including training, pooled services and other programs.
  • Support for SBCA advocacy and outreach efforts in the areas of licensing of satellite services at the state and local level, taxation of satellite services, consumer protection issues involving the rights of consumers to receive satellite services.
  • Participation on panels and other programs sponsored by SBCA to foster better understanding of our industry and to recruit new members
  • Dissemination of information to members on new technologies or other developments that relate or affect the industry
  • Sponsorship where appropriate of programs of the Association, including a state political action committee (PAC) if one is created, SBCA events, etc.

The Council may divide itself into working groups to address issues that affect specific industry segments, such as retailers, installation providers, and the commercial multi-housing market.

Council Members
Apogee Telecom, Inc. Case-SRS Distributing
CVS Systems DirecTECH
DirectSat USA Dow Electronics
DSI Distributing INSTALLS inc, LLC
INTERTECH Digital Entertainment PACE International
PDI SAT Perfect 10 Satellite Distributin
PPC Sky Web, Inc.
WildBlue Communications WIREFREE USA / Rapid Choice Inc

Education Working Group

The objective of the Education Working Group is to provide ongoing education programs and activities in order to advance industry professionalism, development, and growth. Responsibilities of the Education Working Group include development of the National Standards and Testing Program and also to improve and expand education curriculum for all satellite industry representatives.

  • Ray Edwards, DIRECTV
  • David Lettkeman, DISH Network
  • Dave Elkin, Dow Electronics
  • Joe Lingenfelter, FoxCom
  • Ron Randal, Mastec
  • Troy Lupe, Multiband
  • Dan Weber, PDI Sat
  • John Hamilton, DISH Network
  • Rory Eccher, DIRECTV

Electrical Safety Subcommittee

The Electric Safety Subcommittee evaluates and promotes the safe practices of the satellite industry.  The Electric Safety Subcommittee works closely with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other associations, as well as works to make positive changes to the National Electric Code.

  • David Lettkeman, Dish Network Service L.L.C. (Chair)
  • George Bish, Consultant
  • Dave Elkin, Dow Electronics
  • Ray Edwads, DIRECTV

Licensing Subcommittee

The Licensing Subcommittee meets on a regular basis to evaluate and implement strategies to protect the interests of the satellite industry on the state and local level.  This includes lobbying for fair licensing legislation and regulation, working with state governments to implement fair testing and certification processes, and analyzing current trends to best effectuate positive change for the satellite industry.  The Licensing Subcommittee is comprised of key members of the satellite television and internet industry, including members from the platforms and distributors.

  • Tom O'Brien, DIRECTV (Chair)
  • Steve Decker, Dow Electronics
  • Jim Dellinger, DirectSat USA
  • David Dyche, WildBlue
  • Ray Edwards, DIRECTV
  • David Elkin, Dow Electronics
  • Jan Farrell, DIRECTV
  • Troy Lupe, Multiband
  • David Lettkeman, Dish Network
  • Tracey Strickland, Dish Network
  • Michael Wittrock, DIRECTV

OTARD Subcommittee

The OTARD Subcommittee evaluates and implements strategies to increase the monitoring and enforcement of the Over-the-Air Reception Devices rule.  Made up of SBCA members with specialized legal experience, the OTARD Subcommittee works to maintain consistent communication with the Federal Communications Commission, and analyzes trends in this sector to develop methods for greater enforcement to better protect the rights of both viewers and installers to install satellite television and internet.

  • Jan Farrell, DIRECTV (Chair)
  • Buddy Davis, Davis Antenna, Inc.
  • Tracey Strickland, Dish Network