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Board of Directors

Dish TV equates to satellite TV.The SBCA is excited to welcome the following individuals who have been elected to serve on our Board of Directors. We appreciate these individuals commitment towards the SBCA and the satellite industry.


Andrew Reinsdorf - DIRECTV  Chairman
Andrew Reinsdorf is Senior Vice President for Government Affairs for DIRECTV. He oversees the day to day lobbying of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as DIRECTV's advocacy in state capitols across the country.  Prior to joining DIRECTV 7 years ago, Mr. Reinsdorf held senior government affairs positions with the National Association of Broadcasters. During his tenure at NAB, he successfully lobbied on over a half-dozen major pieces of legislation that became law and favorably impacted the broadcast industry including the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  He was a featured speaker on behalf of the association before numerous forums, conferences, and conventions. Mr. Reinsdorf has a degree in politics from Ithaca College.

Jeffrey Blum - DISH Vice Chairman
Jeffrey Blum is the Senior Vice-President and Deputy General Counsel of DISH, overseeing litigation and government affairs in Washington, DC. He has been with DISH for almost 5 years. Before coming to DISH, Mr. Blum was a partner at the Los Angeles firm of Davis Wright Tremaine, where his practice focused on copyright, First Amendment and anti-piracy litigation.

Jeff graduated summa cum laude and first in his class at Boston University School of Law, where he was a Note Editor of the Boston University Law Review. He received his undergraduate degree from McGill University, with a B.A. in History and Classics. After law school, he clerked for Chief Judge Joseph Tauro of the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts.

Tom Haywood - Applied Instruments
Tom Haywood is the President and General Manager for Applied Instruments, Inc.  As such, he is responsible for the day to day operations of the company.  This includes overseeing production, materials purchasing, and technical support.  Additionally, he is directly involved in the research, design, and development of new products relevant to advancing the industry.

Mr. Haywood has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1996.  Prior to this, he owned and operated a Design-Build firm that provided architectural design services and managed Land Development projects.

Greg Frasca - SkyWeb Digital Media  
Greg Frasca joined SAT-Link Communications in 1993, a DBS firm, in Eatontown, NJ as the Vice President of Operations. He managed the installation of one of New Jersey’s first DIRECTV systems as a beta test for then RCA/Thompson. When AT&T decided to enter the industry in 1996, the telecommunications giant actively recruited Mr. Frasca. At AT&T, Mr. Frasca was largely responsible for the initial introduction of DBS technology to the company. Among his personal clients were Henry Kissinger and many of the CEO’s of the fortune 100 companies.

Subsequent to AT&T’s significant investment in acquiring the nation’s largest cable company at the time (TCI), the DBS program was shelved and Mr. Frasca decided to leave to found Sky Web, Inc in late 1997. Sky Web, located in Central New Jersey is now the regional leader in the provisioning of Commercial Satellite systems and programming in the NJ/NY Metro market.

Michael Scherr – CASE-SRS Distribution
Michael Scherr is President of CASE-SRS Distribution.  In 1996 after college, Mr. Scherr began his career in the satellite industry.  As manager of TeleWire Supply’s Satellite division Mr. Scherr grew division sales to over $25 Million.  In 2003, Mr. Scherr joined CASE INC. to become a partner and major stakeholder.  Over the next three years, Mr. Scherr and his team grew CASE INC. into a successful distributor to the satellite industry. 

In 2006, CASE INC. was acquired by STEREN Electronics International, LLC, a multinational provider of communications and interconnect products to the CATV, Satellite and Telco industries.   At acquisition, CASE, INC.  was merged with Steren’s Signal Reception Solutions (SRS), a distributor of Satellite and Structured Wiring products, and Mr. Scherr was made a partner in CASE-SRS Distribution and serves as its President.  CASE-SRS Distribution is headquartered in Englewood, CO and has additional major distribution centers in California and Tennessee.  Currently Mr. Scherr is a member of the SBCA leadership council. 

Doug Robison – DSI Systems
Doug Robison is President and Chief Executive Officer at DSI Systems, which started as a one man retail satellite location and is now a national multi-channel distributor with over 300 employees and sales territories covering the entire United States. DSI Systems is one of two DIRECTV residential distributor and one of the largest consumer electronics distributors in the nation. 

Lee. H. Hess – INSTALLS inc
Lee Hess is co-founder and Chairman of INSTALLS inc, LLC.  INSTALLS is a national installer of home services covering all continental zip codes. It serves the customers of major retailers including Best Buy, Costco, Dell and The Home Depot.  Previously, the company owned exclusive DIRECTV programming territories in ten states.

Prior to  INSTALLS, Mr. Hess was senior vice president of Wendy’s International directing the development of the national franchising network, real estate, and corporate finance. In addition, he was previously a McDonald’s franchisee in New York.

Mr. Hess is an active member of the advisory boards of COSI; the University of Michigan School of Information, The Library Technology Council, The Ohio State University Center for Real Estate Education and Research, GroundWork group; and the Leadership Council of the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association.

Mr. Hess has an MBA from Harvard, an MA in Communications from Stanford, and a BA from the University of Michigan.

Allen McCabe – Hughes Network Systems
Allen McCabe is the director of sales for Hughes Network Systems. After graduating from Kent State University in Ohio with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications, McCabe became the Program Director of sales at WDBN-FM. In 1982 McCabe took the position as a sales representative for The Sound Room, an audio/video/satellite retailer. McCabe’s next career move was with a company originally called M/A-COM that was later bought by Motorola. During his employment with the company McCabe held the positions of Regional Manager, National Sales Manager, and then eventually the Vice Present of Sales. After eleven years of service. McCabe began working for Hughes Network Systems where he is responsible for overseeing the consumer field sales organization in the United States.

Dan Turak – ViaSat Communications
Dan Turak is the vice president of sales and distribution at ViaSat Communications. Turak is a long time sales veteran of the satellite industry with extensive knowledge, experience and contacts throughout the satellite TV, radio and broadband industries. In 1982 Turak started in the cable television industry in Pittsburgh with Warner Amex. It was his first job out of college and he was responsible for selling cable door to door.  Turak left the cable industry in 1987 to join Netlink. He was a Northeast dealer representative covering 7 states including OH and MI for Netlink. Turak explains that this job is how he really came to understand satellite retailers and the industry. In 2002 Turak became the General Manager of Sales and Distribution for XM Satellite Radio. He was responsible for managing XM’s distribution that included independent car audio and satellite TV retailers. Turak is now leads all sales activity, strategic and tactical planning, and a national sales team including distribution at WildBlue Communications.

Robert Byrd – Galaxy 1 Marketing Inc.
Robert Byrd is the CEO/Founder of  Galaxy 1 Marketing Inc. Galaxy 1 Marketing Inc., a commercial/residential satellite installation company covering 10 states. Galaxy 1 is one of Dish Network’s largest installation contractors. Byrd started his satellite/telecommunications career in the US Army Air Defense Command as a satellite/radar technician for over 20 years. Retiring in December of 1987. From 1988 to 1993 sold, installed and serviced C-Band Systems. He became active with Primestar in 1993, DIRECTV in 1994 and Dish Network in 1996.

Zach McGuire– MasTec Advanced Technologies
Zach McGuire is the president of MasTec Advanced Technologies. McGuire started his career in the Telecommunications industry with TCI in 1992 as a cable TV installer while finishing his last two years of college. His work as an installer was part of a manager trainee program that TCI established to train future cable system operators. McGuire spent 10 years in various roles and was part of the Digital Cable and High Speed internet roll-outs.  When he left TCI he was the Director of High Speed Data operations responsible for market operations. In 2001 McGuire joined Viasource Communications as Vice President of Operations in charge of the DIRECTV business. Viasource was purchased by 180 Connect shortly thereafter and changed the name of the DIRECTV operating arm to Ironwood Communications. In 2003 he was named the President of Ironwood. In 2007 Zach joined MasTec Advanced Technologies as the Group President.